Liebster Blog Award

I’ve been nominated for the Liebster Blog Award by THREE people this week. Denee at Novel Reveries, Sandy at Somewhere Only We Know and Rie at Rie Reviews.
The Rules: Winners answer 11 questions provided by whoever tagged you, provide 11 facts about yourself, and choose 11 followers to bestow the award upon, so long as they have 200 or less followers.
Questions from Denee:
  1. MAC or PC? PC, definitely.
  2. Paperback or Hardback? Paperbacks.
  3. Goodreads or LibraryThing? Goodreads. It’s a lot easier to navigate.
  4. Plays or Musicals? I’m not really into either, but I suppose plays.
  5. British Comedies or British Dramas? I don’t know… the only thing I watch on BBC is Star Trek…
  6. Rock or Hip Hop? Rock.
  7. Starbucks or Panera Bread? Panera Bread. I purchase my coffee from independent shops, usually.
  8. Roman epics or Greek epics? Greek.
  9. Summer or Winter? Summer.
  10. (With photography) Film or Digital? Digital.
  11. Historical Fiction or Paranormal Fiction? Paranormal, definitely.
Questions from Sandy:
1. Do you read the Acknowledgements written by the author in the back of the book? Yes, unless I didn't like the book.
2. Did you start blogging because you love writing and perhaps want to be a writer, or just for the genuine love of books? Genuine love of books. I would like to be better at writing and I certainly think about it, but do this for the reading.
3. What is your favorite genre? I can't answer that. Vaguely, I suppose any kind of dystopia, post apocalyptic, or strange world scenario. But I've read and loved books from all sorts of genres.
4. What's the first book you remember falling in love with? Children's book: Are You My Mother? by P.D. Eastman. Young readers/Middle aged book (without pictures): A Wrinkle In Time by Madeleine L'Engle
5. What kind of music do you like? Most kinds of rock, from alternative (preferably 90's rock) to hard rock. I love blues, too. But my tastes are kind of all over.
6. Do you create a playlist in your head for books you read? No. As much as I love music, I separate it from reading. I don't hear music when reading certain things. It's very hard for me to match music with books or scenes.
7. Do you prefer happy endings to books or not so much? Probably not, for the most part. I feel like fiction should mirror real life, in the sense that shit happens in life. I think characters should have real emotions and motives and sometimes, getting hurt or dying is inevitable. That's why I respect George R.R. Martin so much. There's only so many times you can put characters in near death situations before i just don't buy it anymore. Also, with happy endings as far as love working out, I think I like reading books where things don't work out so well because that also mirrors real life.
8. Do you prefer series or stand-alone books? Stand alone. Since size doesn't scare me, I would like to see a giant book rather than have to wait for the next in the series. =)
9. Do you develop character crushes? If so, which characters have you developed crushes on? No. I'm happily married to someone I prefer much more than the characters I encounter. He's perfect for me. =)
10. Do you partner with your local bookstore/library? I'm always at my local bookstore buying used books I probably don't need. Since buying a Kindle, I've been trying to get to the library to participate in the Kindle Lending Program, but my library here in this small town has strange and short hours.
11. Is there a genre/theme/characteristic that you see repeated in your reading that's beginning to annoy you? Covers. I've seen so many fantastic and beautiful covers lately, but none of them really tell me anything about the book. A beautiful font with a dark haired girl on the cover is getting old. Since they are all starting to look the same, I find it difficult to remember titles and plots of them.
Questions from Rie:
1. When did you discover your love of books? As a small child.
2. Where do you read the most? At home.
3. Can you read whilst listening to music or whilst the TV is on? Yes, because I can block out everything.
4. What do you eat for breakfast? Coffee. I don't think about eating until lunch.
5. Why did you decided to start blogging? I thought it would be a great thing to do to help me write better and connect with others.
6. Why do you blog about books? I read a lot and my friends requested that I review the books I read last year, which prompted me to start blogging my reviews.
7. Tea, Coffee or Hot Chocolate? Coffee, tea and then hot chocolate. =)
8. What is your worst habit? Smoking cigarettes, for sure.
9. Hardback or paperback book? Paperback. I love the way hardcovers look on my shelves, but they tend to hurt my wrist while reading if they are longer books.
10.Who is your favourite author? Hm... that is a tough one because I read so many different genres. I suppose Ray Bradbury, Chuck Palahniuk, John Green, and Alma Katsu are high on my list right now.
11. What do you want to be doing / where do you want to be in 5 years time? I'd be happy being somewhere near where I am now. I enjoy book blogging. I hope I'm still able to work part time in a used bookstore, but I know i'll be moving in less than a year, so I don't know how feasible that is. I'd be good with just being able to read and spend time with my wonderful husband, which is what I'm doing now.
11 Random Facts about me:
  1. I don’t have any pets.
  2. I don’t have kids, nor do I want any.
  3. I have never not been a dependent of the US Navy. I went from being a military brat to a military spouse, completely by accident.
  4. I own and can shoot a traditional bow.
  5. I love shooting rifles.
  6. I’m not religious at all, but I’ve read the Bible.
  7. My favorite place to be is Tampa, FL on the boat, fishing on the flats with my husband.
  8. I will try any food at least once.
  9. I don’t have a favorite color.
  10. My hair is always colored and I frequently experiment with different colors. It has been pink.
  11. My taste in music is about as wide as my taste in book genres.
11 People I’m Passing this Award Onto:
This whole award thing took me forever to complete, so it’s fine if I’ve tagged you and you cannot participate.

My questions:

1. What is your favorite book of all time?

2. Why did you start blogging about books?

3. Favorite character best friend? Do you have any friends like that?

4. Do you think long books are intimidating? Why/why not?

5. Real books or e-books?

6. Buy new, used, or borrow from the libary?

7. Favorite genre?

8. Awesome author you've discovered (or loved more than before) this year?

9. Do you write?

10. Favorite show or movie based off of a book? Why?

11. Least favorite show or movie based off a book? Why?