Review–The Last Three by Almon Chu


The Last Three

by Almon Chu

Summary: "'Just three more stops,' I thought to myself. I gripped my knife, the handle digging into my flesh. I closed my eyes and tried to think of Eris." A descent down the path of self-destruction, does salvation lie around the corner or is it merely an illusion? The Last Three is a captivating story of a lost soul on the streets of a modern dystopia.


4 star

I received this novella in exchange for an honest review.

This novella was gripping, dark, and descriptive. The entire story was oozing with dirty and grime and disgust and torment. The way Chu describes the city was so well done. I felt like I was walking down the same sidewalk looking at everything and feeling the grime and nastiness around me. This story had a Chuck Palahniuk feel to it for me. Not only was it descriptive and dark and twisted, but it was well written with so many observations about society that were true, like this quote I happened to jot down:

"Advertisements lined the subway platform, groping for attention. Some new movie that I'd never watch. Some new product that I'd never buy. Some new lost cause that I'd never subscribe to. Some repackaged message that I couldn't care less about."

The well developed scenery matched the tone of the narrator so perfectly, too. I just can’t get over how great this story was. I felt his downward spiral and how something as insignificant as a stroll down the street just captured his own torment so perfectly. I think if there’s one word that this story can be described by it is Decay. From the main character to the city around him, everything is decaying, wasting away. Chu is able to portray this sense of decay so brilliantly that I’m left all tongue tied trying to explain it.

Wonderful novella that I definitely recommend. It is a short, but not necessarily light read.