Just wanted to let all my followers know I've been on vacation. I won't be back until next Monday. I've been able to use a laptop every so often, but not enough to keep up with all the weekly memes. I'm trying my best, but I use a desktop at home that's all personalized for me and it's such a pain to navigate a laptop without all of my pages saved and what have you.
I've been reading and finished a few books, but I did the review for Fight Club and it took me probably 4 times longer to do that and copy and paste the images and summary. Can't wait to be back home with my computer!!
Apologies for not letting you guys know I was going out of town... I thought I'd still be able to keep up with blogging.

On another note: my husband and I just got a dog yesterday, so we've been busy playing with her. We haven't had a pet in probably 3 or 4 years after losing our first dog to leukemia.

Anyway, happy blogging and I hope to be back into the swing of things soon!