Book Genre

Are there any book or movie genres that you were surprised to like?

I didn't realize how much I'd enjoy reading essays. I am a huge lover of fiction and I enjoy nonfiction, but I like essay forms of nonfiction the best. I assumed they would be bland and boring, but I own a few essays from psychologists and philosophers and enjoy reading them.

I guess I could also say I was surprised to enjoy fantasy and science fiction as much as I do. I never knew how huge my inner geek was. I sat through the Dragonball Z movie, fully expecting it to be retarded, only to realize I thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm still picky when it comes to this area. I prefer fantasy with complex characters over aliens and spaceships, unless those aliens and spaceships have the quality of storytelling and character building. I own a copy of Wells' Time Machine that I haven't opened yet because I'm nervous it's going to be too "out there" for me.

I'm also going to add it YA fiction. Obviously, when I was 17 and 18, liking this genre wouldn't surprise me. But I'm in my mid 20's and find most of the newer YA fiction to be more profound than adult novels. It's not as much about teens and high school, but coming of age, choices, freedom, etc. It's no longer an immature genre. Of course, some books are, but the ones I've seen come out recently have been amazing. Death, magic, dystopian/utopian themes, etc... who would have thought it's no longer a TV high school drama type of genre?