Can you get work done while music is playing?
For some reason, I am able to tune out audio. I can read a book while the tv is on or music is playing because I literally ignore every bit of it. I discovered how powerful that was when my friend sent me the Harry Potter audiobooks and I popped in the disc and checked my email. Had absolutely NO idea what the narrator said. I ended up having to follow along in my books because as soon as I got up to do something or even looked down at my nails or just sat there, I wasn't listening.
At the same time, when I'm working in the bookstore, I find myself singing along to music or I'll get off of work and discover that a song is stuck in my head that I didn't realize I'd heard.
I think music sticks with me more than any other kind of audio. But I can still tune it out if my brain is trying to focus on something I'm reading. I guess I'm just more of a visual person, so whatever I'm doing visually takes precedence over what I'm hearing.