Story without the 'E'

Write a 100 word story without using the letter E.
The hardest part (besides not being able to use "THE") was keeping it under 100 words. It's actually 104, but that's the best I could do. I wish I could have expanded on my short plot.

Sam's car drifts on an icy road, coasting out of control. His car wounds an aging oak. Sam unlocks his door and walks, without knowing why. A wolf by a bush scans, noticing a man. Shadow man, wolf calls him. Sam walks towards shadow man, but knows nothing. Sam is closing in. Shadow man grabs Sam by his throat and rips a shadow out of him, moving swiftly. Sam knows nothing, but wolf knows. "I wait for no man." Shadow man says aloud, Sam's soul hanging on his arm. Wolf turns towards Sam's car and knows. Sam didn't walk away. Sam only thought so.