Blog name

When I first started this blog, I didn't know what to call it. I called it "my attempt at blogging" for lack of a better title. Recently, I posted that I felt it was time for a change. I changed it to

"Love, Literature, Art, and Reason"

because I felt those were the topics I discussed the most.

I feel that people are multifaceted, so I could not bring myself to write about one topic like most other blogs I see. I didn't want to start a free-thought blog because there are too many of those and they all mainly cover the same topics and get political and I just couldn't get into it. I didn't want to start a book/reading blog because it takes me forever to even write a book review or come up with my book club discussion questions and I wanted a blog I'd stay active in and write posts everyday. I didn't want to start a navy wife blog because I'm more than just a navy wife and I seriously can't get into posting homemaker stuff every day. I also have a ton of hobbies that I do with my husband, but since we are into more than just one, I felt that it would be all over the place and my husband would be better suited to make a hobby blog than I am.

This blog is about many things, mainly me and my life and the things that interest me. It's as multifaceted as me. I figure some people might prefer some topics over others, but I feel that it's as original as can be and tailored to my interests. And my interests mostly cover Love, Literature, Art, and Reason.

Perhaps it's all over the place regardless, but at least the title covers most of the topics =)