Cutting Down a Dead Tree

This is a tree outside of my house. Limbs have fallen from it recently. My neighbor noticed the tree was dead. And so it must be removed. Here's the progress as of a few minutes ago...
Kind of hard to see since there was a glare in the window, but it no longer has any branches. I couldn't get outside to take a picture because of all the branches everywhere. They are all being cut up as we speak.  It's a shame that such a large tree ended up dying so close to my house. There are branches all over my front and side yard right now. 
Since I have internet, I assume the maintenance people had no problems working around the phone line that runs to my house next to the tree. And for that, I say Well Done!

Update: The guys that cut down the tree have left. They piled up all the wood into 4 separate piles in the middle of my yard. There are twigs all over my porch and sidewalk. I had hoped they'd haul the leftovers somewhere and clean off my sidewalk at least, but no such luck. I'm kind of disappointed.