What I just realized.

Yesterday I came to the conclusion that I will never read all the books ever written in my lifetime. I won't even read all the GOOD books ever written in my lifetime. This realization startled me. I didn't realize it was even a goal of mine to do that and wondered why it saddened me to know it is an unattainable one.
The best I can hope for is to make the books I read count. And perhaps fill a room lined with shelves full of books I've read. I think that is an attainable goal.
I remember reading one of Anne Rice's vampire novels. I think it was Marius, the vampire, that I am remembering. But he enjoyed being a vampire because he got to be a knowledge keeper. He got to acquire all this knowledge of human culture and watch human civilization grow throughout time. Nothing was forgotten like it is in humans. Where we may read something or acquire knowledge of civilizations now lost, but we don't really get it.
Vampires are my favorite mythical beings and I think that could be part of the reason. Imagine living forever and being able to know everything? I think that would be amazing.
But I'm not a vampire, I'm a human being, so I will never know all there is to know or read all there is to read or see all there is to see.