Self Image

I recently watched a documentary about body modification. The people interviewed had tattoos and piercings on their faces, they participated in suspension, and some of them had a character/creature theme to their modifications. They claimed that their extreme modifications were no different than the regular ear piercing or tattoo that most of society has. Ever since watching this, this claim has forced me to think.
Then, I watched a taboo episode on plastic surgery. There were some transgender people getting surgery to complete the transformation and a woman who was getting a surgery to break her legs and stretch them. This painful surgery would increase her height by one or two inches. I can't recall if a similar claim was made, but I connected it in my head. While I am watching this woman get her legs broken and then become bedridden, I was thinking "That is completely insane. All that for 1 inch in height?" But then I realized that it isn't any different from breast implants or face lifts. Of course, in my opinion, those surgeries are crazy, too. I just can't imagine hacking myself up for a small (or large) difference in appearance. For example, I don't have much of an ass. And it doesn't bother me. Sure, I wish it was a little better. But getting implants would NEVER cross my mind. I was arguing with myself at that point, because I had braces. I wear makeup. I wear contacts. And if my inherited double chin were to become prominent, I would not hesitate to remove it via plastic surgery. I endured 2 years of pain to move my teeth slightly to make them straight. Is it any different from this woman enduring pain to increase her bone length slightly to make her taller? Not really. Except braces are widely accepted in our society. And while I'm telling myself this, I just can't shake the fact that this woman is crazy for BREAKING her bones for an inch in height!
And then I started thinking back to the body modification documentary. Were they right as well? After all, I have gotten my nose pierced, took it out and missed it so much I got it redone. Why? I honestly have no idea. My reason is simply that I like it. I have a tattoo. Why? I don't know. I just wanted it and I like it. Surely those are the same reasons the lizard or tiger man did their own body modification. But they no longer look human! That is crazy. Or is it?
What are your thoughts?