There are quite a few movies I can watch over and over again.
The Princess Bride. Some nights, I fall asleep watching this movie. It's such a classic.
Finding Nemo. It never gets old.
Into the Wild. When I'm in the mood to be inspired, I'll watch it.
O, Brother Where Art Thou.
Down Periscope
The Departed. Sometimes I think I could just ogle Leonardo DiCaprio in his only attractive role.
Titanic. No, I don't ogle him in this movie, but I find myself watching the whole thing when it airs on TNT.
Lord of the Rings Trilogy. My favorite part is the tree herders. They are so big and slow and creaky. It's majestic to me.
The Chronicles of Riddick. This movie is the only reason why I like Vin Diesel. He has yet to play a role as fitting for him as this one. No one else could have done it.
Seven. I love the movie, but I think I also love to hear Brad Pitt yell "What's in the box?!"
Primal Fear. Edward Norton is amazing. I'll go ahead and add American History X and Fight Club as well.
Slingblade. I love everything about this movie.
Avatar. When I first saw it, I hated it. Every time I watch it, it grows on me a little more. I kind of like the main actor. I like the way everything looks like a coral reef at night.
That's all I can think of for now.
Oh wait, how can I forget The Fifth Element?!