Poem to the person I love.

I'm not the best at poems and certainly not the best when I don't take my time, but I threw something together that says pretty much what I want it to, just not very eloquently at all.
I love you.
Love poems often sound terribly insincere.
Words used to describe love
never seem to be clear.
Oceans, flowers, sunsets, a heart-
breezes and butterflies,
emptiness when we're apart.
None of these actually say anything.
They don't tell you how much I love you
or how you impact my being.
You're my best friend and my soulmate.
I love you because of who you are,
because of each and every trait.
You always make me laugh,
motivate me, teach me.
You're my other half.
I admire your intelligence,
your strength, your sarcasm,
even your occasional arrogance.
I love the way you think,
how we operate as a team 
and we're always in sync.
Perhaps you'd prefer a touchy-feely rhyme
And you really do make feel that way
all of the time.
It's just hard to really capture it
in words without minimizing the meaning.
I find it to be unfit.
You're always on my mind, in my brain.
You're the reason I do anything
from the detailed to the plain.
I love you.