The House next door

To expand on my last post about the strange atmosphere, I figured I'd post some pics of the house next door to help explain it's creepiness.
It's much more majestic than I captured in these photos. These were taken from my window instead of from outside.
I took a picture of the windows on the side up close because they freak me out. The blinds on the lower windows are always askew, but not always in the same way. In the late afternoon, the sun shines in the left window of the bottom picture and kind of turns the interior of the house that is visible to me a weird shade of orange.
No one lives in this house, thought it's not up for sale. Occasionally, a lady comes to sweep the driveway and I suppose she cleans inside as well. Other people come to keep up with the landscaping.
Also, cars come into the garage, which is to the right hand side of the windows in the bottom picture. The cars blare music for a few hours and then they leave. I've never actually seen who drives the cars and they are always different.
My husband and I have long conversations about the possibility that (if vampires existed) vampires would live here.