Favorite TV shows and why

I recently finished watching Being Human on Syfy (the American version) and I loved it. It was a refreshing different sort of vampire/supernatural show. It made me laugh and hooked me in. I love the addition of a ghost as a character, too.
I love True Blood, despite the fact that it appears to be going downhill. I read the books and I love the whole take on vampires being out in the open.
River Monsters is one of my favorite shows. It's the mixture of a regular fishing show and a mythical beast hunter show. Jeremy Wade is a superb fisherman who takes a really scientific approach to the legends he hears of river monsters and the best way to attempt to catch them. He has a lot of respect for fish and he always releases them once he's examined them. The most recent episode I watched, he was trying to catch a giant stingray and kept losing his bait to piranhas. But he was still excited when he caught a fish, no matter what fish it was. I admire him.
Tosh.0 is another favorite. I can laugh from the start of each episode all the way until the end.
Family Guy. I was attempting to fall asleep last night and it was playing in the background. I laughed myself to sleep.
I'm trying to get into some more shows. I've started watching Game of Thrones on HBO and I think I may watch Lost if Netflix fixes the streaming for that show. I watched the first season of the cancelled Happy Town on ABC and thought it had the potential to be a really great show, but they didn't have the ratings to keep it going. I continue to watch The Vampire Diaries, even though the amount of drama each hour is borderline ridiculous. Same thing with Pretty Little Liars. I don't understand why plots have to twist 20 times in 60 minutes for a show to be considered good.