"Bucket" List

Things I want to do in my lifetime:
Go to Hawaii and see lava trails and black sand beaches with my husband.
Go to Belgium with my husband.
Go to Africa and take a safari with my husband.
Ride all the world's record breaking roller coasters.... ok, most of these include my husband.
Write a novel. (except maybe this one)
Publish said novel.
Have a 50th wedding anniversary.
Drive a car really fast (preferably on a track.)
Ride on the back of a motorcycle without trembling.
Have professional model photos taken of me.
Own a house.
Own a Mercedes.
Ride on a donkey.
Live in Alaska for exactly one year.
See the northern lights.
Attempt to learn to surf.
Not have kids.
Hike the Appalachian Trail. (Maybe not the whole thing...)
Learn as much as humanly possible.
Learn to speak a Latin based language and one other that is not Latin based.
Teach a high school English class.
Own a bookstore.
Visit monasteries in Belgium.
See the pyramids of Egypt.
Build an old fashioned English pub bar in my home.
Build a bomb shelter.
Hunt with a recurve bow.
Shoot a powerful gun.
Make awesome memories with my husband every day.
Meet a celebrity I respect.
Study psychology.
Write an epic poem.
Own a huge Savannah Monitor.
Catch a tarpon in the flats of Tampa Bay, FL.

I'm sure there's more I can think up.